'Choose to be Happy'

Choose this workshop to help individuals develop cognitive-behavioural skills for their personal emotional self-care. It is an open to both the general public and professionals. For the latter it will be useful as an introduction to REBT if they are intending to do the Primary Certificate in REBT course.

The workshop will help participants engage the principles of emotional self-care using Wayne Froggatts book 'Choose to be Happy' as the text. It is a two day workshop with a program weighted toward practical work balanced by helpful presentations.

The aim is for each participant to exit the workshop with a basic working knowledge of how to do Rational Self Analysis. To this end they will hear helpful presentations and do practical work in pairs and larger groups under the tutelage of the presenter. Every participant is provided with ongoing support via the presenters 'Online Counsellor' Website www.onlinecounsellor.co.nz to help them continue what will be for them a life changing experience.

Topics include

  • Who controls you.

  • What is irrational thinking.

  • Distorting reality.

  • Catastrophising

  • Demanding

  • People Rating

  • Rational Self Analysis


The presenter for this workshop is John Turton who has been working with REBT for about ten years in personal counselling in rural, industrial, and suburban locations. Further information about John is available on his 'Online Counsellor' website www.onlinecounsellor.co.nz where you may also contact him for enquiries or for registering for current workshops planned for the near future.

Contact Details

To investigate setting up a workshop for your area, community group or organisation; or to find out about workshops already planned for which you can register, contact:

Mr John Turton
Ph: 07 345 7465  Fax: 07 345 7461
Mobile: 021 230 6100 [ text or call ]
Email: jturton@clear.net.nz
Website: www.onlinecounsellor.co.nz


LAST UPDATED 11 August, 2018