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You can search this site by typing your search word or phrase in the box, then clicking on the Search button.

If you want to search for a phrase, e.g. "depressed adults", type quotes around the phrase, as per the example.

The search engine will find all instances of the word or phrase you typed, and also similar words. For example, if you type "depression", you will also get search results that include that word, and similar words like "depressed", "depressing" and so on.

You can also search using wildcards, e.g. depress*.

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Tips for better searching

Check your spelling
Make sure your search terms are spelled correctly. The search engine will try to locate words that sound similar to what you have typed, but incorrectly spelled terms may not produce the results you want.

Use capitalisation to narrow your search
Lowercase words will match any case. For example, typing depress will return all documents containing the words depress, Depress, and DEPRESS. However, typing Depress will only search for pages that contain the word Depress.

Finding phrases or groups of words
When you want to find a group of words that appear together, type them enclosed in quotations marks, e.g. "anger management".

Search for more than one word at the same time
You can type in more than one word, and the search engine will locate all documents that contain any or all of the words, depending on how you typed them. For example, typing depression medication will identify all documents containing either 'depression' or 'anger'. Alternatively, typing depress + medication will find only documents that contain both of those words.

Using wildcards
You can use the * character (known as the 'wildcard' character) to expand your search. For example, typing depr* will locate depression, depressed, depressing, depressant and any other words that start with the letters 'depr'. Typing *depress* will find the words above, plus antidepressant, manic-depressive, etc. Typing "*depress* treatment" will find antidepressant treatment, depression treatment, etc.