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Taking Control: Manage stress to get the most
out of life


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Fearless: Your guide to overcoming anxiety

Whether you suffer from general worry, panic attacks, avoidance behaviour, social anxiety, obsessions and compulsions, post-trauma anxiety or a specific fear, FearLess can show you how to free yourself from the most debilitating aspects of anxiety.
The book covers all the main types of anxiety people are likely to experience: worrying, panic attacks and avoidance behaviour, social anxiety, specific fears, obsessions and compulsions, post-trauma anxiety.and health anxiety. Read more about this title. Purchase from:
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Feeling Good: The new mood therapy

The 'new mood therapy' is no longer 'new', but David Burns' famous 1980 book is still a best-seller - and possibly still the best book around for helping yourself overcome depression with cognitive-behaviour therapy. Covers a wide range of additional topics: coping with suicidal feelings, anger, self-image issues, etc. Also is useful as an easy-to-read general introduction to CBT for both the lay person and the professional.

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The Sky is Falling

This unique book mainly relates to obsessive-compulsive disorder, but includes some material on phobias and panic. Unusual in that a significant amount of the book is devoted to engrossing stories of the author's work with sufferers. Takes a Cognitive Therapy perspective. Seeing how the author works will make this book of interest to professional helpers as well.

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Choosing to Live: How to defeat suicide through cognitive-behaviour therapy

This book is for anyone who has contemplated suicide or who has a suicidal loved one. The suggestions in the book are straightforward and helpful. Unique in being the first or one the first self-help books to apply CBT to the subject of self-harm and suicide.
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