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As from 2013, there will be a major change in the way the Centre presents its training programs as we move from face-to-face events to online training.  We believe that this development will have some significant advantages, including:

 - Training will be available to practitioners who might otherwise have difficulty
    travelling due to health, family commitments or other factors.

 - Costs to participants and/or their employers will be reduced.
 - A greater depth of training can be provided.
 - Trainees can work at their own pace.
 - Practitioners living in all parts of the world can participate.

The range of topics will be similar to those we have presented in the past. First up will be an online version of the Primary Certificate in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (click here for more information), followed by shorter programmes involving specific applications of cognitive behaviour therapy.

We will send newsletter announcements as developments proceed. If you are already on our e-mail newsletter list, then you don't need to do anything; otherwise, you can register for the newsletter at this webpage:

The Directors hope you will be able to join with us for a training event sometime in the near future.

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