Rational Analysis Simulator
   Practice CBT with help from your computer


The Rational Analysis Simulator is an innovative and ground-breaking piece of software that will enable you to actually practice using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with your computer providing guidance and pointing out when you get something wrong or can do it a better way.


Check out a Demonstration of the Simulator. It runs for about 25 minutes if you view all screens (you can choose to skip parts you don't wish to view).

To view the Demonstration online click here
Choose this option if you have a high speed internet connection and only wish to view the Demonstration once and in one sitting.

To install a copy of the Demonstration on your own computer click here
This option will run better on computers that have a slower internet connection, and is also the best choice if you want to view the Demonstration over several sittings, or run it more than once.

Note that with either option the file size involved is the same (around 23 megabytes).

Accessing the Simulator

Most practitioners will gain access by enrolling in a relevant skills-based training programme provided by the Centre. An example of such a programme is the Primary Certificate in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (click here for information about that course). Other relevant courses will be added in the near future.

Practitioners who have previously completed the Primary Certificate in REBT or a more advanced formal qualification in REBT (from anywhere in the world) may purchase a licence to use the software, which will be provided on disk along with a copy of the latest version of the Multimedia programme (click here to read more about this option).

Over time, we plan to make the Simulator available on a wider basis. The best way to receive up-to-date information on this (and many other items of interest to CBT practitioners) is to be on the list for the Centre's free e-mail newsletter. If you are not already on that list, you can register by clicking here

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