Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
Practitioners Available to the Public
in New Zealand

The following practitioners have all received training in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and have indicated that they are available to accept referrals and enquiries for their counselling/psychotherapy services.

There are hundreds of certificated REBT practitioners in New Zealand; most, however, work for organisations where they are not able to accept referrals directly from members of the public. If you are seeking therapy from such an organisation, you would need to ask if a practitioner skilled in REBT is available.

Please note that some of the practitioners on the list below work privately on a fee-paying basis; and those working within the public health system will be available only to assist with problems for which their agency is contracted to provide a service to the public. Please clarify with the practitioner concerned the basis on which you agree to work together before beginning therapy. Please also mention that you are making contact with the practitioner as a result of their listing on this website.

While the New Zealand Centre for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy cannot take any responsibility for the actions of individual practitioners on this list, should you have concerns, you are welcome to make contact with the Executive Director for advice on what steps you might take to have your concerns addressed. Please also see the article on this site: A checklist for clients interested in receiving counselling, psychotherapy or hypnosis.

Please note that the Centre is not able to provide any assistance with locating a therapist other than making available the information on this page.


Anita Moleta  PO Box 152, Pukekohe. Ph (09) 238-3133, Fax (09) 233-4364, E-mail: pcs@ps.gen.nz
Counsellor - Availability: Private/fee paying. Can help sexual abuse, anger management, depression, stress, anxiety, relationships. Available to provide supervision..


Jill Bennett-King  PO Box 1251, Hamilton. Ph (07) 855-1565, Fax: (07) 838-3909.
Clinical Psychologist - Availability: Public (Community Mental Health) & Private/fee-paying. Can help with (Public): depression, anxiety disorders (including panic) if qualify for entry to Community Service; (Private): depression, dysthymia, mood disorders in general, anxiety disorders including panic attacks & phobias.

Lyn Coker 7 Oxford Street, Hamilton. Ph (07) 855-3232 or after hours (07) 855-9049, E-mail: cognitiv@ihug.co.nz
Counsellor/Psychotherapist/Stress management consultant (ACC regd., MNZAC, Advanced Certificate in REBT) - Availability: Private. EAP counselling, professional supervision, personall & relationship issues, stress management, group facilitation & mentoring

Jennie Cummins  PO Box 15, Hamilton. PO Box 15, Hamilton. Ph (07) 839-1655, Fax (07) 834-0313, E-mail: cumtuck@acxtrix.co.nz
Psychologist - Availability: Private/fee-paying. Can help with: depression, anxiety disorders, anger-management, eating disorders; children, adolescents & adults.

Carl Dibble Hamilton East Medical Centre, 533 Grey Street, Hamilton. Ph 07-839-1232 / 025-852-464, Fax 07-834-0928.
Psychologist (Senior Clinical) - Availability: Private/fee-paying. Can help with: General personal counselling/psychotherapy, relationship difficulties, business effectiveness.

Mary Harte-Barry  Psychotherapy Centre, Federated Farmers' Building, London St, Hamilton. Ph 07 839 6414 or 021 120 2771  /  Otorohanga Counselling Services, 120 Maniapoto Street, Otorohanga. Ph 07-873-7676, Fax 07-873-7690.
Counsellor (B Soc Sci (Psych), M Couns, (Waikato). MNZAC). - Availability: Private/fee-paying in Hamilton / Private with subsidy available in Otorohanga. Can help with: Relationships, grief, parenting, assertiveness, anger management, self-esteem, stress management, size acceptance, supervision.

Warren Jones  1480 Kakaramea Road, RD10, Hamilton. Ph (07) 825 2835, E-mail: info@lifeworkz.co.nz.
Counsellor - Availability: Private/fee-paying. Can help with: depression, anxiety, anger management, relationships, self-understanding, mid-life, careers, spiritual, stress management.

Muriel Leadley Ergoworks Waikato Ltd., PO Box 14119, Hamilton. Ph (07) 856 3044, Fax (07) 856-3045, E-mail: muriel@ergoworks.co.nz
Occupational Therapist (NZAOT) - Availability: Private/fee paying. Can help with pain management, stress management, anxiety management.

Kyle J. H. Smith  65b Twin Oaks Drive, RD 3, Tamahere, Hamilton. Ph (07) 838-3685, Mobile 027-303-0462, E-mail:  kyle.smith@alumni.brown.edu
Clinical Psychologist (MNZPS, MNZCCP). Availability basis: Private/fee paying. Can help with: All Axis I disorders (Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders, etc). as well as Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Stress Management, etc.


Lesley Atkinson  74 Willoughby Road, RD1, Katikati. Ph (07) 549 0547, Fax (07) 549 0543, E-mail: lesleya@clear.net.nz
Counsellor/Psychotherapist - Availability: Private/fee paying, ACC registered (sexual abuse), Family Court Counsellor, BOP Therapy Foundation member. Can help with: depression, anger management, sexual abuse recovery (recent and historical), couples therapy, grief issues.

Kirsty Connell  P.O.Box 14036, Tauranga. Ph (07) 570 2574 or 027 2411 805, E-mail: kirsty@stress.co.nz, Website: www.stress.co.nz
NZ Registered Occupational Therapist (Advanced Certificate in REBT). Availability: Private/fee-paying. Can help with: anxiety, depression, stress, self esteem, confidence, assertiveness, Life coaching / personal strategic planning, Anxiety and stress management programmes.

Robyn Matthews 17 Lodge Avenue, Mount Maunganui. Ph (07) 575-7679.
Community Mental Health Nurse - Availability: Public & Private. Can help with: anxiety, depression, grief, suicidal ideation, anger, stress, self-esteem issues.

Ciska Vogelzang Counselling and Training Services, PO Box 14241, Tauranga. Ph (07) 576 9664, Mobile (027) 420 8125, Fax 07 576 9664. E-mail: ciska@tovo.co.nz
Profession: counsellor (NZAC, DAPAANZ). Availability: Private/fee paying. Can help with: Depression, anxiety, stress, anger management.


Toni Hocquard  Queen Elizabeth Hospital, PO Box 1342, Rotorua. Ph 07-348-0189, Fax 07-348-4266, E-mail: toni.hocquard@qehospital.co.nz 
Social Worker (Advanced Certificate in REBT) - Availability: Public, as part of inpatient treatment at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, OR through ACC for individual counselling. Can help with: Pain management, grief counselling related to chronic health problems; also available for speaking engagements and seminars.

Dale Smith  Ph (07) 348 0189, E-mail: dale.smith@qehealth.co.nz.
Social Worker/Counsellor - Availability: Public & Private. Can help with: chronic pain management, stress, adjustment, anger, depression, fear, self-image, chronic grief.


Debbie Magee  PO Box 481, Whakatane. Ph (07) 307 9308, Fax (07) 307 9309, E-mail: insights1@xtra.co.nz
Counsellor - Availability: Private/fee paying, ACC approved for sexual abuse & traumatic injury. Can  help with: depression, historical abuse, relationships, separation, parenting, etc, and professional supervision.


Wayne Froggatt  PO Box 2292, Stortford Lodge, Hastings. E-mail: wayne@rational.org.nz
Social Worker - Availability:
Semi-retired - available only for specialist supervision in CBT.

Colin Hopkirk NINE LIVES Coacrhing and Teambuilding, Box 4146, Napier. Ph (06) 843-9419, E-mail: 9lives@clear.net.nz
Psychologist - Availability: Private/fee-paying. Can help with: a range of problems.

Fran Lowe, PhD  Pirimai, Napier, Ph 0210554897, E-mail: fran@napiercounselling.co.nz, web site: www.napiercounselling.co.nz
Registered psychologist - Availability: Private fee paying but also ACC, doctors, Instep EAP and insurances may fund this. WINZ funding OK. Flexible times. Can help with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, health concerns, PTSD, relationships, addiction and more

Jeff Woodyard  14A Jull Street, Napier. Ph 025-228-5741.
Psychologist - Availability: Private/fee-paying. Can help with: anger management, depression, anxiety,  pain management, grieving, offending, trauma.


Ravi Gulasekharam Fielding Community Mental Health Service, Clevely Health Centre, 7 Duke Street, Fielding. Ph (06) 323-3631, Fax (06) 323-8388.
Registered Nurse - Availability: Public (only able to provide therapy for clients referred to the Mental Health Service of MidCentral Health who meet the Service's criteria). Can help with moderate-severe mental health issues.


Blair Grant, Relationship Services Whanganui. 396 Victoria Ave Whanganui 4500; Phone 06 3480027; Fax 06 3452693; E-mail: blairg@relationships.org.nz. Counsellor. Work is in Couples, individual and family counselling. Family Court referrals for domestic violence, couples, and family mediation such as parenting orders as well as group programmes for parenting through separation


John Glass Ph (06) 753-6139 (public) / (06) 753-5083 (private/fee-paying), Fax (06) 753-7759 (public), E-mail: jglass@taranaki.ac.nz
Psychologist - Availability: Private-fee-paying (or Public if over 65). Can help with (public): depression, anxiety, loss, adjustment difficulties (Private): stress, depression, anxiety, adjustment issues.


Tony Burns Effective Speaking, 69a Seaview Road, Paremata, Porirua. Ph (04) 233-9424, Fax (04) 233-9428, To contact, go to web-page: http://www.effectivespeaking.co.nz/
Trainer/Coach - Availability: Private/fee-paying with individuals & groups. Can help with: performance anxiety, effective interpersonal communication, shyness & stage fright.

Fran Hurnen  Ph 027 283 9581.
Psychologist - Availability: Private/fee-paying. Can help with: anxiety, depression, anger-management.

John Turton 79 Pretoria Street, LOWER HUTT. Ph (04) 566 7130; Mobile 027 594 7076, E-mail: john@onlinecounsellor.co.nz  
Minister (Advanced Certificate in REBT) - Availability: Private. Appointment necessary, fee negotiable. Experienced in pastoral applications of REBT to Christians. Experienced in applying REBT in the workplace through industrial support work. Covers general counselling involving most upsets experienced including anxiety, depression, anger, guilt etc. Counselling available via the Internet through this website link: www.onlinecounsellor.co.nz . Also available to present workshops.


Raewyn Laurenson  PO Box 2295, Stoke, Nelson. Ph: 021 77 50 50. Email: raewyn@cumulus.co.nz     Website: www.cumuluscoaching.co.nz
Workplace Coach & Counsellor: Availability: Private/Fee paying. Currently working with individuals and companies in the Nelson Marlborough region on issues that effect workplace performance such as: stress, depression, anxiety, anger, communication, assertiveness and self confidence. Also available for Management coaching, supervision for managers and career development.


Mareesa Dannielle   9 Evelyn's Couzins Ave, Richmond, Christchurch. Ph (03) 383-8535. E-mail: exti320@it.canterbury.ac.nz. Psychologist-Counsellor - Availability: Private/fee-paying. Can help with: weight management, sleep, depression, sexual issues, relationships, self-esteem, self-confidence, anger management. Available for counselling by telephone

Anthea B. Greaves  Psychology Centre, PO Box 13-735, Christchurch. Ph (03) 366-8964.
Psychologist - Availability: Private/fee-paying. Can help with: depression, anxiety, anger-management.

Pat Havighurst  Phoenix Counselling Centre, Suite 64, 220-224 Cashel Street, Christchurch.
Ph (03) 385-1660. Counsellor - Availability: Private/fee-paying -or- ACC Sexual Abuse registered / Disability Allowance / Family Court registered. Can help with: sexual abuse, grief, depression, anxiety, stress, family court couples work, mediation, conflict resolution, post-traumatic stress disorder.

Christine Macey  Suite 31, Harley Chamber, 137 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch 8001. Ph (03) 366-6939, Fax (03) 366-6940, E-mail: cmacey@clear.net.nz
Psychologist/Counsellor - Availability: Private/fee-paying. Can help with: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, anger, grief, developmental issues, abuse issues, etc.

Sue Missen MNZAC  32 Melford Close, Rangiora, 7400. Ph: 03 313 4615; Mob: 021 130 8897. Email: suemissen@xtra.co.nz
Counsellor - Availability: Private/fee paying.  Family Court registered.  Disability allowance. Can help with: couples and individuals, depression, anger management, self-esteem, stress, life-skills, relationships, change, grief and loss. Available for supervision and group training and facilitation.

David Pettitt  Unit 2, 301 Lincoln Road, Christchurch. Ph (03) 338 7200.
Counsellor - Availability: Public & Private/fee paying. Can help with: self-esteem, anxiety, depression.

Richard Sheridan  Hurunui, North Canterbury.  Ph: 027 2962729.  Email: richardsheridan@xtra.co..nz 
LinkedIn profile: http://nz.linkedin.com/pub/richard-sheridan/24/603/736
Consultant & Mentor - Availability: Private/fee paying.
Can help with: management consultancy coaching, professional transition supervision, personal development mentoring, stress management counselling, cultural & sexual identity issues.

Krystyna Rzoska  Whitmore Centre, PO Box 13-592, 11 Whitmore Street, Christchurch (also available in Rangiora once a week).
Contact by phone (03) 348 8591 (confidential voice mailbox) or 021 777 875, fax (03)366 127 or through webpage www.krystynarzoska.com.
Registered Clinical Psychologist- Private/feepaying, ACC approved. Can help with: anxiety, depression, life changes, sexual abuse, self-identity, relationships etc.


Marion Patton - 40 Berkshire St., Arrowtown, Central Otago 9196. Ph/Fax (03) 442 1992, Mobile: 021 421 992 E-mail: patton.arrowtown@xtra.co.nz
Social Worker/Counsellor - Availability: Private/fee-paying. Can help with: anxiety disorders, depression, stress, anger management, physical health problems, marital difficulties.


Sue Bain  35 Prince Albert Road, St. Kilda, Dunedin. Ph. (03) 455 5329.
Counsellor - Availability: Public/Private (negotiated). MNZAC. Can help with: grief & loss, behavioural modification, self-esteem building, spiritual issues.


Joy Murray  69 Don Street, Invercargill. Ph (03) 218-9659, Fax (03) 215-8418
Counsellor - Availability: Private/fee-paying. Can help with: sexual abuse, depression, grief, marriage/relationship difficulties, self-esteem, general counselling.