Introducing New Zealand’s first book on
Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
A best seller - now in its second edition!

Your Step-by-Step Guide
(new revised edition)

by Wayne Froggatt

Published by HarperCollins NZ
First ed 1993, revised ed. 2003
Re-issued as an e-book 2013

Do you want to choose how you feel?

Wayne Froggatt has already taught hundreds of people in New Zealand to do just that. Choose to be Happy is the result of that experience. In it, he applies his methods to a comprehensive range of common human problems and areas of personal growth, including

  • worry
  • fear
  • anxiety
  • phobias
  • guilt
  • depression
  • anger
  • disapproval and criticism
  • unassertiveness
  • perfectionism
  • decision making
  • self-motivation

Do you want to be your own therapist?

You can learn to hlp yourself - with a proven method of psychotherapy that emphasises the use of your own reasoning powers to achieve personal control and growth. This book introduces the method step by step, allowing you to understand and change the way you react to events in a rational and realistic manner.

Choose to be Happy offers more than inspiration and 'positive thinking'. It holds out the prospect of permanent change.

New material in the second edition

After many reprints of the first edition, the new, revised second edition has been published in 2003. As well as updating the existing chapters, the author has added new material:

  • Managing stress
  • Twelve rational principles to aid a happy life
  • New lists of additional literature
  • Internet sites relevant to the many topics covered in Choose to be Happy

Published by HarperCollins New Zealand, Auckland, 2003. ISBN 1-86950-495-X. 320 Pages.

What the reviewers and readers have said:

  • 'It is amazing how he covers so much ground in so little space and with such clarity.’ Dr. Albert Ellis, from the Introduction.
  • 'Froggatt has succeeded better than most in translating detailed professional literature principles into a form which is easily assimilated by the public.’ Medical Journal of Australia.
  • 'Humans can, believe it or not, learn to choose how they feel and behave … this book is a clear and concise guide to a method for doing just that.’ Sunday Star.
  • 'I’ve found it excellent both personally and professionally.’ A practising counsellor.
  • 'I felt that your book was talking to me.’ A reader.
  • 'Provides a wealth of practical suggestions.’ The Dominion.
  • 'An excellent investment in yourself.’ Daily Telegraph.

How to obtain Choose to be Happy:

  • In New Zealand or Australia, ask your local bookstore to order a copy lor you direct from the publisher.
  • Internationally, you can purchase Choose to be Happy right from the internet - go to the BookShop.
  • Now available as an e-book [CLICK HERE]

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