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On this page you will find self-help books based on REBT that we recommend as being worthy of purchase and study. While aimed at the general public, many will also be relevant to helping professionals wishing to develop their understanding of the various subject areas.

Under each book is a list of countries where that item can be obtained over the internet. Click on the highlighted country in which you live or which is nearest to you. These links will take you to more information about each book, as well as details of cost and freight.

Taking Control: Manage stress to get the most out of life

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Fearless: Your guide to overcoming anxiety
Whether you suffer from general worry, panic attacks, avoidance behaviour, social anxiety, obsessions and compulsions, post-trauma anxiety or a specific fear, FearLess can show you how to free yourself from the most debilitating aspects of anxiety.
The book covers all the main types of anxiety people are likely to experience: worrying, panic attacks and avoidance behaviour, social anxiety, specific fears, obsessions and compulsions, post-trauma anxiety.and health anxiety. Read more about this title. Purchase from:
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Choose to be Happy: Your step-by-step guide (new edition)
New Zealand's first book on REBT - now a bestseller and in a new, revised edition. Easy to read, yet accurate and comprehensive (as Albert Ellis says in the introduction: "It is amazing how he covers so much ground in so little space and with such clarity." Learn how to use REBT on yourself. See how you can apply it to a range of common life problems, including anxiety, guilt, depression, self-image, anger, assertiveness, perfectionism, decision-making, changing circumstances, and motivation. Read more about this title. Purchase from: 

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GoodStress: The life that can be yours

has been replaced by
Taking Control: Manage stress to get the most out of life
(see above)

A Guide to Rational Living       
This is the original REBT self-help book. Though somewhat dated, it continues be one of the top-selling REBT books of all time. Topics include: how far can you go with self-help, what causes emotions and behaviours, overcoming the influences of the past, handling disapproval, overcoming the fear of failure, how to be undepressed though frustrated, controlling your own destiny, overcoming anxiety, acquiring self-discipline, accepting reality, overcoming inertia, rewriting your personal history, living rationally in an irrational world - and more!
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book - Staying Rational.gif (9582 bytes) Staying Rational in an Irrational World       
Applies REBT to a range of human problems, including: love, dating, mating, separating, sex, work, children and parents, death and dying, and more. Michael Bernard writes in a clear and lucid fashion, making clear the key principles of REBT and how it can be applied to everyday life. This comprehensive book is a worthwhile buy.
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book - Overcoming Shame.gif (11486 bytes) Overcoming Shame       
Shame is a painful but commonly felt social emotion. Windy Dryden, Professor of Counselling at Goldsmiths College in London, has provided a succinct, easy-to-read REBT-based guide to understanding and dealing with shame. Shows how shame is created, why it is unhealthy, and what you can replace it with. Explains clearly how to overcome shame about specific situations - and train yourself to become less prone to shame in the first place.
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Overcoming Anger       
Another REBT guide book by Windy Dryden. This book shows the difference between unhealthy and healthy anger, and how you can recognise the first type and understand why it is problematical. Describes straightforward approaches to changing anger-creating beliefs, and a variety of other strategies and techniques to deal with unhealthy anger.
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Performance Anxiety       
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How to cope with a fatal illness:
The rational management of death and dying
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How to Love and be Loved       
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