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This page contains a list of books based on REBT that we recommend for helping professionals. This is a mere sampling of the hundreds of books on REBT now available, but we have shown the ones that we think are best for getting started with building a library. More items will be added from time to time. When you're finished here, take a look at the 'Self-Help' section - many of the books there will also be of interest to professionals.

Under each book is a list of countries where that item can be obtained over the internet. Click on the highlighted country in which you live or which is nearest to you. These links will take you to more information about each book, as well as details of cost and freight.

Walen et al book.gif (6183 bytes) A Practitioner's Guide to Rational-Emotive Therapy
If you buy only one book on REBT - get this one. For people starting out, there are shorter texts that summarise the basics, but this book will last much longer because of the detail it provides. Topics include: philosophy, theory and practice principles; general therapeutic strategies; assessment, disputation and homework; specific techniques; enhancing long-term treatment benefits; supervision and further training in REBT. This is the text used by the New Zealand Centre for Primary Certificate training.
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4cover Stress Counselling: A Rational
Emotive Behaviour Approach

This recent text doesn't just describe an REBT approach to stress management, it is also a useful introduction to REBT in general. Topics include: the process of therapy, special techniques, crisis intervention, difficult clients, groupwork, and occupational stress. It deals with suicide, substance abuse, anorexia, binge eating, panic attacks and personality disorder. Among the authors is Centre Consultant Director Professor Stephen Palmer.
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Innovations book.gif (9891 bytes) Innovations in Rational-Emotive Therapy
This useful book contains a number of special applications of REBT to: adult children of alcoholics, pathological gambling, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, performance anxiety, divorce adjustment, disruptive mentally retarded clients, sudden infant death syndrome, fear of flying, addictions, workplace change.
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Special Applications of REBT: A therapist's casebook
A guide for therapists who want to customise rational REBT to the needs of special client populations: children and adolescents, culturally diverse clients, clients with disabilities, family therapy, group therapy.  
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wpe87417.gif (8079 bytes) Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy: A reader
This reader brings together the major writings of the past decade on REBT, covering topics like: the therapeutic alliance, assessment, disputation, force and energy in behavioural change, vivid methods, efficiency in psychotherapy, overcoming resistance, compromises in REBT, REBT and eclecticism, and many more. This excellent book was the set text for the 1998 Advanced Certificate programme in New Zealand.
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Clinical Applics book.gif (9053 bytes) Clinical Applications of Rational-Emotive Therapy      
Another very useful text full of applications of REBT. Specialist topics include: love problems, relationship counselling, divorce & separation, women, rational sexuality, homosexuality, healthy living, substance abuse, religion & REBT, student burnout, training professional athletes, mid-life problems, death and dying.
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Using RET Effect book.gif (9799 bytes) Using Rational-Emotive Therapy Effectively      
This text is great for the practitioner who wants to advance beyond the basics and use REBT more effectively. Advanced topics include: brief therapy that is long-lasting, compromises in REBT, assessment, and comprehensive disputation. There is also material on applications of REBT: assertiveness, depression, women, the workplace, children and adolescents.
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RET Anxiety book.gif (8379 bytes). Anxiety Disorders: A rational-emotive perspective
If you want to learn how to apply REBT (and CBT in general) to anxiety, this book is a 'must'! Unique in that it has extensive descriptions of general CBT approaches to the various anxiety disorders, followed by a more detailed outlining of specific REBT treatments. Scholarly, yet easy to digest. May be a little hard to get hold of - but well worth the trouble.
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RET Subst Abuse book.gif (8474 bytes) Rational-Emotive Therapy with Alcoholics
and Substance Abusers

This is the book to get if you work with addiction problems. A well-written and detailed description of the REBT theory of addiction and how a range of strategies and techniques may be used to work with the substance abuser and significant others who may be involved in that person's abuse. Addresses the use of REBT in a therapeutic community, motivating for change, and surviving as a therapist in the addiction field.
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The Rational Treatment of Anxiety: An outline for cognitive-behavioural intervention with clinical anxiety disorders
This manual covers the range of anxiety disorders, including panic disorder and agoraphobia, specific phobia, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) and Health anxiety (Hypochondriasis). The 'outline' format used - a specialty of the author - 0makes it easy to grasp the main points and rapidly be in a position to begin using the new skills to help your anxious clients.
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